Recently OANDO Corporation, a Canadian FX company with a large portion of its core business located within the United States, purchased the American social trading network Currensee.

Social trading has become big business for retail firms because of its ability to lure in novice traders. Social trading platforms also bring in customers who have never attempted trading before. Well established social trading networks are seeking new and diverse ways to expand their business models as well.

Recent research shows that there are around 235,000 users of social trading and that nearly $240 million dollars of customer funds are involved. In addition to Currensee, Myfxbook, eToro, Tradency, and Zulutrade are the other major social trading platforms. During a researched five year period 600,000 people were involved with social trading. The largest trading markets were located in Japan with 30% of all of the social trading, and Europe and Russia both had a 15% share of the social trading market.

After the financial crisis of 2008 the United States government began making changes to the regulation of how all financial products are sold. There has been particular focus on how FX firms provide off the exchange (OTC) trading services to their clients. This new regulation has left the domestic US retail FX market stagnant.

OANDA’s decision to purchase Currensee, an existing social trading network, may stem from Currensee’s international client base. OANDA appears to be trying to widen their customer base beyond North America into the international trading market, and also trying to diversify their means of creating revenue.

Copytrading is a new method of trading where novice and intermediate traders can copy the trading behavior of experienced Forex traders from around the world.  Currensee refers to these more experienced traders as “trade leaders” and the copytrading arena is experiencing massive growth. Copytrading also allows for individual traders to share research data and collaborate with each other.

In a statement about OANDA’s recent acquisition, CEO K. Duker, said “Like OANDA, Currensee has a strong business vision coupled with an expert engineering pedigree. We are committed to continue serving the needs of all Currensee customers, Trade Leaders and partners, and look forward to making OANDA’s competitive spreads and superior execution available to this new group of traders.

The Currensee platform will be available to all OANDA customers soon and a notice will be delivered once the technical teams have it all completed. Dave Lemont, CEO of Currensee said that “We are very excited to be part of this larger venture, and believe that our customers will find dealing with an established broker like OANDA most beneficial”. From the looks of things this arrangement should be highly beneficial to Currensee and OANDA’s customers both present and future.

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NORTH MIAMI, FL – eTech Money, Inc. announced that it is soon to launch the 1st investment portal that intelligently matches any size investor with traders in a risk-controlled environment—capable of guaranteeing preservation of initial capital investment funds.

Joe Puentes, eTech Money’s CEO explained: “Our patent-pending matching engine, the InvestorPort™, is designed to pair investors and qualified, performance based traders on a global scale according to specific criteria such as risk tolerance. This results in the creation of trading accounts at the broker level that maximize potential returns while safeguarding investment principal to the specifications of the participants. In the same way that eBay brings buyers and sellers of merchandise together, or eHarmony matches men and women with specific requirements, eTech Money is bringing investors and traders together online in a dynamic fashion with mutual financial benefit.”

Recently, eTech Money has strengthened its executive team with a new CFO, Steven Tye, former managing director in charge of Eurobond trading and international debt syndication at Solomon Brothers, former Managing Director at Chase Manhattan Bank and former co-founder and chairman of Online Finance, which was sold to GMAC. Mr. Tye, also a Lead Investor in eTech Money, commented: “The company’s ground-breaking concepts, managerial talents, demonstrated drive and conviction, contribute to its ability to fully execute the business plan and profitably launch its game-changing investment portal.  This is a truly exciting time at eTech Money and I’m both thrilled and proud to be a part of it.”

Mr. Puentes added: “The addition of Steven Tye will perfectly complement the talents of Michael Mansfield, our Chief Investment Officer. Michael is an astute expert in the investment arena, being formerly listed as a top-10 ranked Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) in Futures Magazine several times, with other top rankings as an FX fund manager on, EurekaHedge, IASG and other ranking sites, for both raw & risk-adjusted returns over the years.  Michael is a respected specialist in risk-adjusted returns.”

An important component in eTech Money’s ability to launch the InvestorPort™ was the solidification of its relationship with ILQ (Institutional Liquidity, LLC), the fastest growing U.S. brokerage firm.  James Pieron, ILQ’s CEO said, “We look forward to forging a partnership with Joe and his team – eTech Money’s innovative technology not only provides a unique meeting place for investors and traders, but allows clients to initiate deals, profile risk, and define trading parameters.  The integration to ILQ systems will allow eTech Money clients to view their market exposure, margins, and trading performance in real time.”

Mr. Puentes concluded, “The important addition to our executive team with Steven Tye, the infusion of capital, and our relationship with ILQ, are very timely milestones in our advancement and contribute in a substantial way to the imminent launch of the InvestorPort™.  This will allow us to bring a new and exciting way for people to invest, drive revenues and pave the way to become a publicly traded company to the benefit of our equity investors.

For more information contact:

Joe Puentes

eTech Money, Inc.

Investor Relations


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If the term “price shading” sounds like something underhanded to you—you’re absolutely right!  Price shading refers to a variable pricing, in which a broker arbitrarily changes the price within a certain range.  It is not usually a large range, but even a little bit can be enough to increase his profit margins. Brokers often use this practice when their assessment of a currency indicates an upward trend, in order to profit more from each trade. This type of covert manipulation is possible because currency trading is not regulated or guaranteed, and therefore only requires agreement and cooperation between buyers and sellers.

Here’s what price shading means for money traders.  The broker adds a pip or two to the price charged.  A pip (percentage in point) is the smallest possible price change – usually about 1/100 of a percent or $0.0001. While this does not sound like a significant amount, when the trade involves large amounts of money, it adds up quickly and results in a tidy profit for the broker.

In the past, there was no easy way to know if a broker was using this practice and taking unfair advantage of traders.  Brokers were able to change prices to their favor at will, with few traders aware it was being done, and no easy way to find out.  The only way was to have one’s own terminal from Reuters or Bloomberg, or to deal with a broker that provided “straight-through processing.”  Fortunately, now at last there is a much easier way!

Thanks to today’s technological advances, traders of any size or level can now have access to the data necessary to be able to accurately monitor and negotiate intelligently with these brokers.  Specially designed software has been created to aggregate broker data on a global basis.  With this accumulated and sorted data, traders can easily assess the market value and actually see what is happening with the prices in real time.  More advanced software—like Broker Watchfrom eTech Money—has built-in flags to let traders know if and when the broker is using price shading; a trader can catch a price shading broker in the act!

By knowing whether your broker is shading, you can know how to best play your own hand. If the broker is shading to the buyer, and you sell, it is possible you could come out quite a bit ahead. The reason for this is that the broker tends to shade to his own advantage, which is to the disadvantage of the trader, whenever possible.  Therefore, if you are going against that, you are probably doing the right thing, and that means profit in your pocket.

If you want to come out ahead in the currency trading game, the most important thing you need to do is research.  Learn what you need to know—and take advantage of the available technology.

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Yahoo Finance
Miami, FL March 15, 2011.
eTech Money, Inc. ( has released a literal toolbox of next-generation fully transparent software tools that empower traders to track price shading by individual brokers worldwide.

Traders and investors have long known the odds are stacked against them, especially when trading in the decentralized “Wild West” Forex marketplace.  With no established “real” prices, brokers have enjoyed an unfair advantage over their traders, often changing prices up or down at will, without their traders’ knowledge. Until now, retail traders have had no way to know if their broker was pushing price against them or artificially triggering stop losses — until now.

“eTech Money’s “Trader Panel” software addresses this issue head on, with original tools such as “Broker Watch,” that aggregates brokers’ price and spread information, instantly comparing this data to live worldwide price and spread averages.  This instantly flags any price manipulation such as shading or “stop loss hunting,” explained Joe Puentes, eTech Money Founder and CEO.

Traders who take advantage of these powerful new tools will quickly know if their broker is using artificially higher spreads or prices out of line with the world wide average. “Empowering regular traders with the ability to monitor and evaluate market actions by their brokers creates a more level playing field,” added Co-Founder and COO Angel Garcia, “This gives traders greater control over their risks and greater opportunities to realize above average returns.”

“Broker Watch” is just one of several patent-pending tools in eTech Money’s first-generation “Trader Panel” toolbox.  For example, “Market Alerts” and “News Watch” notify traders of market conditions and key financial news announcements directly on their desktops, mobile phone or by live SMS stream.

“This creates new marketplace benchmarks for transparency and automated fraud control, protecting the small trader and investor,” added CIO Michael Mansfield.  A formerly top rated Commodity Trading Advisor, Mansfield’s has also been ranked in the top 1-10% globally for risk-adjusted returns as a FOREX money manager.  Mansfield managed brokerages and trained top traders for money managers, banks & trading firms.

The eTech Money “Trader Panel” beta tools are available freely for the trading community at  eTech Money is already developing second-generation elements that combined will compile the largest global stream of live and historical trade data ever, applying state-of-the art artificial intelligence to compare and interpret the raw data in newer, more usable ways than ever before.

About eTech Money:

eTech Money, headquartered in Miami, FL, is led by a dedicated team of experienced professionals in finance, currency, futures trading, and software development, positioning the company as ‘The Investment Authority’ for investors, brokers, traders and vendors worldwide. The patent pending Trader Panel and its tools have been designed to protect the investors’ interests and fill the huge void in the investment community. The company is open to discussing ways to expand the program, including private branding, distribution and other licensing, or partnering opportunities.

This release contains “forward-looking statements” based on current expectations but involving known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from the events or results described in the forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. The Company’s plans and objectives are based on assumptions involving judgments with respect to future economic, competitive and market conditions, its ability to consummate, and the timing of, acquisitions and future business decisions, all of which are difficult or impossible to predict accurately and many of which are beyond the Company’s control. Therefore, there can be no assurance that any forward-looking statement will prove to be accurate. The Company makes no undertaking to update such forward-looking statements.

For More Information:

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12550 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 800

North Miami, FL 33181


eTech Money, Inc.

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