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eTech Money: A Pioneer in Investment Technology


eTech Money's goal is to create a trusted and risk-controlled investment marketplace that unites small investors with investment talent, to expand the investors’ opportunity for higher returns. The company is working on providing an equalizing platform for small investors alongside large institutions and high net-worth individuals.


"We created a path-breaking technology which is patent pending. This ranks the performance of worldwide brokers, banks, institutional money managers and professional traders, setting the stage for regulation and fraud control; in short, it protects the small investor," says Joe Puentes, President and Founder.


"We believe we are the next logical and sorely needed step in global investments. For the first time, any investor, no matter how small, will have the opportunity to realize returns that are significantly greater than traditional investments. All this, without any of the long drawn paper work, in full transparency and even for first-time investors," says Angel Garcia, COO and Co-Founder.